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Fundacja Głos Ewangelii - Youth Camps

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For 13 years “The Voice of the Gospel” has been organising and leading Christian youth camps. Until today we have hosted over 2,400 people. The participants come from different environments (mainly the poorest ones), from maladjusted families and orphanages.

We organise camps twice a year: in summer we host on average 130 people and in winter 60-70.

Almost 70 % of the camp participants have first opportunity in their life to profit from this kind of initiative. For the first time they can hear the Gospel presented in such a straight and intelligible way. We propose attractive sports, rest and educational programs and simultaneously we promote the Christian way of life and Gospel message. The youth with disabilities (cerebral palsy) are assisted by volunteers who accompany them in everyday activities. The youth may take part in many workshops such as: drama, foreign languages, photography, film and self-defence.

The participants and leaders (educators) are describing the positive impact of the camp on their lives:

”My father left us, my mother found a friend who went away as well after 8 years. I felt guilty and responsible for all unhappiness. Today when I have give my life to Jesus I feel much better.”
„I don’t know anybody who would hug me, to whom I could speak about everyday life, I would like God to take this place but I need more time to think it over.”
„Dear God, you know that I’m so scared and that I am still running away from you. But I want you to be present in my life. Please, take away my fear and take care of me because I know I can’t make it myself.” The next day I (the leader) heard Wiola’s whisper:”Good morning, my beloved God”.  

“I am afraid of what will happen after I have to leave the orphanage. I do not know where I would live. The orphanage have very little money for their wards. Being at this camp I have become sure that God knows my situation and he will take care of everything.”

”...I can’t be here any longer because you are talking about the family all the time, I am so touched. My broher is behind bars, my father is drinking, my mother sleeps with different guys every day.
 I will not forgive and I do not want to forgive my parents for what they have done to me.”

„There are a lot of things that Jesus has changed in my life. But the most important, I think, is love he has given to me and now I am able to love my relatives, those who I hated so much before.”

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