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Fundacja Głos Ewangelii - Television Activities

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In 2003 the Voice of the Gospel was approached by the employees of Polish National TV. They were interested in creating the  TV documentaries on the basis of our radio documentaries.   

Polish TV was willing to broadcast those reports free of charge provided that it would be shooted with professional quality.
Since that moment we started an intensive dialogue with Polish National TV and planning. The Voice of the Gospel is prompt to inaugurate the production for TV channels. Not only will these documentaries be watched by the wide audience but also they will complete the radio features broadcasted currently by more than 40 radio stations all over the country.

This huge step forward was divided into stages. First TV documentary was completed by the end of February 2007. “The Gangster” (the title of the documentary) was broadcasted by the 1st channel of Polish National TV on 12 April 2007 (viewing figures reached 700,000 people).

This TV undertaking will accelerate the development of the Voice of the Gospel evangelical service and will enable the Foundation to reach wider scope of spectators. Most of Poles watch TV. Broadcasted documentaries referring to real social needs, describing sensitive wounds and illustrating how the relationship with Jesus may significantly influence the human life will reach both youth and elder spectators. They may succeed in stimulating interests and discussions related not only to how to solve approached questions but also how to establish personal relationship with God. 

In March 2008 we acquired the digital devices required for record and video edition. We wish to propose the series of documentaries which have never been produced before. We would like to show stories of people who dared to look for and finally found God. In our opinion the faith testimony is the best mean of evangelism or, as someone may prefer, it gives a chance to approach people whose lives made no sense.

Faith testimonies as documentaries:

- they are based on real experiences of people who decided to follow God;

- due to their “harshness” and authenticity of the leading characters they are far from being perceived as dishonest;

- they are usually connected with strong and real situations and therefore they play upon spectators’ heartstrings;

Looking for God, finding Him is the main subject of the series.

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