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Fundacja Głos Ewangelii - Summer Youth Camp - Dymin 2011

Summer youth Camp /Dymin 2011/ Freestyle

Freedom – the reality sought by young people with great determination. We have heard a lot about the highest price which young people had to pay after they had believed the promises of various sellers.

Therefore this year’s edition of our Summer Youth Camp of the Voice of the Gospel Foundation – apart from a rich sports program and numerous workshops – concentrates on the issue of freedom. The following people will talk about looking for freedom, false promises and the real source of freedom: Anna Kułakowska, Henryk Dedo, Mirek Kola Kolczyk, Leszek Korzeń Korzeniecki, Doctor Janusz Kucharczyk , Martin Lechowicz and Mateusz Wichary.

Each youth camp which we organize is an event for such young people who, due to various reasons, have no opportunity to take part in any form of organized holidays.

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