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Fundacja Głos Ewangelii - Prison Ministry

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PRISON MINISTRY - "The New Beginning" Project

Since 2002 the number of penal institutions broadcasting our metarials has been growing regularly to reach 147 in 2008. 

Poland’s 165 penitentiaries and detentions on remand house 80,000 convicted offenders. Most of them, both man and woman are drug or alcohol addicts. More than a half are repeat offenders. According to recent surveys a lot of them are making an effort to overcome the addiction and most of them are young. It’s not surprising that the alcohol and drugs problems are so common in our society. Poland is the biggest amphetamine producer in Europe. The use of drugs by the Polish youth is growing in an alarming way, we are outrun only by Great Britain.  

The programs supporting them on their way to break that habit are an integral part of resocialization. They are led by the prison psychologists and therapists. They aim to prepare the prisoners to live without addiction and help them to regain their place in the society after the imprisonment. Since 2001 the Foundation “the Voice of the Gospel” is supporting this process with a great success.

The project “The New Beginning” focuses on assisting the addicted held in detention by presenting the programs and documentaries on people who believed in Christ and succeed in their fights with the addiction in prison broadcasting centres. The combination of the radio documentaries with the meetings with former prisoners who are leading a well-balanced Christian family, professional and social life is a part of our project “The New Beginning”.

The success of the project is confirmed by the rapid growth of the number of penitentiaries which are interested in our programs. The need for broadcasting these materials is additionally expressed by the prison authorities and the prisoners themselves. Possiblly nothing else may influence the life of addict as strongly as the story of the freed man. 

In 2001 a lot of these kinds of programs were broadcasted in Bytom penitenciary. One year later 77 penitentiaries and detentions on remand had our programs in their broadcasting centres. Since 2002 the number of penal institutions broadcasting our metarials has been growing regularly to reach 147 in 2008. The positive impact of the documentaries showing real people and their changed lives aroused interest of many prison psychologists, therapists and educators. More and more often we are asked to give our permission to use our materials (documentaries and Gospel devotions) for an individual and a group therapy. The authorities are interested in organising meetings with the heros of our documentaries.



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