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Fundacja Głos Ewangelii - Preventive meetings - Dabrowa Gornicza, March 16th 2010

Preventive meetings - Dabrowa Gornicza, March 16th 2010

On March 16th 2010 Leszek  Korzeniecki, instructor of addiction therapy of Voice of the Gospel Foundation, together with rap artist Jacek Nerkowski, visited Dabrawa Gornicza.

Thanks to the initiative of local Christian fellowship’s pastor Miroslaw Koziel, multimedia performances, considering problems of drugs and alcohol addiction took place. Those events were organized in the Municipal Museum "Sztygarka" and were titled: "Live outside the cage." The spectacles were attended by over 120 students representing middle schools and high schools from Dabrawa.

A candidate for city mayor Mr. Edward Bober, held patronage on this event.



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