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Fundacja Głos Ewangelii - From the calendar of Henryk Dedo

Henryk Dedo is the President of the Voice of the Gospel Foundation, an evangelist, a Christian teacher and a reporter. He has been supporting various evangelization initiatives of different churches, he preaches during numerous Christian meetings and conferences.


 8- 9 January /Janikowo/ A visit in the Evangelical Christian Church – preaching and presentation concerning the activity of the Voice of the Gospel Foundation, a meeting with a representative of a local cable TV; 

13-16 January /Krynica Zdrój/ A winter convention of the staff of youth camps organized by the Voice of the Gospel Foundation – working on the schedule of the summer Youth Camp Dymin 2011 FREESTYLE; 

29 January /Warszawa/ Recording the lectures given by Wlodzimierz Tasak (in the Evangelical Christian Church, within the framework of the Evangelical Bible Institute, under the auspices of the Voice of the Gospel Foundation) “Key events and figures in the history of the Post-Reformation Church”;

5-6 February /Bartoszyce/ Lectures given during the conference “A man according to the Word of God” in the Baptist Church; 7-9 February /Boguszow-Gorce/ Collecting materials to be used in radio documentaries and a visit in ‘Arka’ Support Centre attached to the Jesus Christ Security Foundation; 

20 February /Mannheim, Germany/ A visit to the Polish Christian Community, preaching and presenting the activity of the Voice of the Gospel Foundation;  

28 February /Chełm/Collecting materials to a radio documentary about Christian Olympic athletes and a visit to the Pentecostal Church; 7 March /Warszawa/ A meeting with the homeless in Christ Church “Puławska”; 

12-13 March /Świdnica/ An direct evangelization training course ‘Tell the world about Jesus’ and preaching in the Pentecostal Church; 19 March /Warszawa/ The general meeting of the Founders of the “Voice of the Gospel” Foundation – submitting a report covering the activity period from 1 January 2010 to 31 December 2010; 

25-26 March /Pabianice/ An evangelization training course ‘Tell the world about Jesus’ in the Christian Community ‘Jesus is the Lord’ in Pabianice.

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