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Fundacja Głos Ewangelii - Evangelism Workshops and Teaching


Our passion is in seeing transformed lives as we share the Good News of Jesus Christ across Poland.

It's something that we've been doing now for over 40 years. You see, we believe that God's plan is to make a difference in our lives. A real difference. In the every day. In the ordinary. Because something amazing, something wondrous happens when we let His love and His power make a practical difference.
 In bringing up our children. In loving our wives and husbands. In planning out our work days. In dealing with challenges and fears. In guiding us through the complexity of life. In the ordinary, everyday things of life that we all deal with. Because when we invite Him into that place - He takes the ordinary and does something extraordinary.
That's what Voice of the Gospel is all about. Sharing that Jesus with people across our country.

For many years the president of the Voice of the Gospel Foundation Henryk Dedo visits polish and foreign, small and large communities of Christians of different denominations. He serves them with the Bible teaching and evangelizing. As a preacher and evangelist at the same time the way he teaches from the Word is very convincing and inspiring.
His solid personal commitment for this mission helps him show the real Jesus Christ who is working in the lives of specific individuals and not just in the distant.

If you want Henryk to come and teach the Word of God or use his gift of evangelization in your community – please contact us.

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