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Fundacja Głos Ewangelii - Another film in the series of “Transformations”

Another film in the series of “Transformations”

First shots on the set of another documentary made by the Voice of the Gospel Foundation – following the first film titled “The Gangster” made by the Foundation in 2007 shall be taken  in June this year (2011).

This time the camera crew, with the director Tomasz Wiszniewski (“All Will Be Well”) – will travel to Ukraine, near Odessa. The main character in the film will be Sergiej – a former soldier of the Russian army.

During his return from a military intervention, because of a mechanical failure of the shop, some soldiers – including our hero – fall into the cold water of the Barents Sea. 29 surgeries including 27 amputations, over 9 years spent in hospitals.

This was the time of “Perestroika”, hospitals were empty, there were no medicines. When I arrived in hospital to have another amputation, the hospital did not have painkillers, anesthetic substances or other medicines” – Sergiej recalls. Tormented by serious dilemmas – “...if there is no God, what’s the purpose of your life? Who do you live for? For the communist community? If you have no hands or legs and you are incapable of building this communist country – you are not needed any more” - colliding with successive barriers of his own weakness and then in Israel he meets someone who, thanks to God and despite his/her own disease is ready to wait for him, standing in streams of rain for two hours ... 

This is the beginning of an amazing story, the story of a man whose appalling tragedy God changes into a blessing. The blessing we would like to talk about to millions of Polish people – if God allows.

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