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Fundacja Głos Ewangelii - Drug Education and Prevention


Over 170 thousand Polish pupils and students have participated in lectures which have been organized for 10 years by Leszek Korzeniecki – an addiction treatment therapy instructor and coordinator of the Voice of the Gospel Foundation prevention programs

Almost 10 % of Poles suffer from long term unemployment. In some regions these figures are even higher and reach 15 %. Alcohol and drugs seem a way of escape from despair, boredom, helplessness and frustration.
School budgets become lower and lower in a dramatic way. Therefore there are no financial means to overcome youth problems.
The research conducted in Warsaw schools revealed that 10 % of the 1st grade pupils, 40 % of the 4th grade pupils from the primary school have had the contact with drugs during the school year and 7 % of high school students use them on less or more regular basis. In Poland amphetamine and other synthetic drugs are cheap and easy to obtain as we are their biggest producers in Europe. We are in control of 60 % of the European amphetamine market and 30 % of the extasy pills market. During the last 2 years the amphetamine demand in Poland has tripled.
Unfortunately a lot of parents and teachers are not aware of the scale of the problem nor the dangers threatening their children. The schools are trying to act but due to limited means they touch just the tip of an iceberg.  
Quite often the pupils’ knowledge (and experience) about drugs is incomparably wider, richer than teacher’s.

The program „Live outside a cage” makes a huge difference

Leszek Korzeniecki is a professional instructor leading the addiction therapy. During his meetings the youth may listen to ex-drug addicts and ex-drug dealers whose lives have been changed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Some teachers are against inviting such people for the meetings but our observations are different.

The program is addressed to secondary and high school pupils. It is adapted to their level of development. The speakers by their casual and informal way of being can attract the attention of the public, destroy the barriers between them and are listened by young generation. The presented facts, related to addiction, are based on the well known scientific statements, without being too hard to understand as they are taking advantage of the personal experience of the victims of addiction. The form of talks is so vivid that the imagination, attention and emotions of listeners are constantly active. Therefore the information shared touches the profound part of their personality and is registered thoroughly in the memory. The youth see directly how the life of drug-addict looks like.

We try to reach those places where young people struggle with serious problems, where the biggest risk appears. The inquiries about our meetings surpass our possibilities.  

Every year we send the report from our activities to the Ministry of Education. 

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