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Voice of the Gospel Foundation is a interdenominational Christian non-profit ministry established in 1996 by Polish Protestant churches and Christian radio organization Good News Broadcasting UK, dedicated to leading people into a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ.

We use radio, TV, Internet and other media to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and help people to grow to spiritual maturity through Bible teaching and engagement. Our passion is in seeing transformed lives so we provide drug education and prevention in Polish schools and youth camps with active paticipation of disabled and poor young people and those without appropriate parental care. Our Gospel devotions and radio documetaries are broadcasted by internal prison radios in 90% of Polish penal institutions.  

The Foundation has been established in order to fulfil the following objectives:

• To develop and promote humanitarian attitudes towards life, in particular among children and youth;

• To fight against demoralisation of children, teenagers and adults;

• To help the handicapped youth;

• To promote actions aiming at strengthening marital and family life as a source of moral order of the society.

Voice of the Gospel Foundation achieves its objectives by:

• Producing radio and television programmes that promote Christian life-style and biblical teaching as well as problems of handicapped youth and Christian culture;

• Non-profit distribution of the above programmes with the use of Polish and foreign broadcasters and with the use of audio cassettes, video cassettes and other media;

• Conducting non-profit teaching activity in order to promote Foundation objectives, including biblical knowledge in the form of conferences, seminars, lectures and other forms suitable for listeners;

• Conducting non-profit publishing activity that promotes Foundation objectives;

• Organising all kind of non-profit youth and family camps, including those integrating the handicapped youth with the others. Apart from the active way of spending free time, the camps will also promote the Foundation objectives;

• Offering financial support to the handicapped youth in the form of scholarship and social aid;

• Gathering financial means and material goods to be spend on financing the Foundation objectives;

• Supporting, and if possible, also financing all initiatives which fulfil objectives similar to those of the Foundation.

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